Thomas Edison High School


JOB NAME: Engineering Academy
SCHOOL: Thomas Edison High School
LOCATION: Fairfax County, VA
PARTNER: Fairfax County Public Schools
CONTRACTOR: Dustin Construction

In partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools, and collaborative vision of the Technology Education and Engineering Education Office, the Edison Engineering Academy Suite was created. This environment consists of 3 lab spaces to include a CADD lab, Modeling lab and Engineering Drafting/Robotics lab. All three are in close proximity to each other and flexible enough to adapt as the curriculum evolves. The suite was designed to include large windows between each of the lab spaces, allowing for total visibility and supervisory capabilities by the staff.

The CADD lab consists of 30 workstations, a teacher presentation/lecture area, 3D Printing technology and Laser Engraving/Cutting technology. The Modeling lab is spacious with large workbenches providing students locker storage below and ample collaborative space for larger real-world projects. Access to the outside is available via a garage door making it easy and convenient for students to ship away their large robots for off-site
competitions. The production lab also includes large and small production tools, a CNC system and dust collection. The Drafting/Robotics lecture area is very flexible consisting of back-of-room computer area, whole class lecture area and teacher presentation area. The storage rooms allow for storage of large and small supplies critical to running a very
comprehensive and successful Engineering program.




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