Pitsco 3D Printing Designing and Prototyping Curriculum

We’re happy to announce the release of Pitsco’s NEW 3D Printing Curriculum, featuring the Afinia 3D printer!

This curriculum is designed for three-weeks of class time, and students begin by learning
engineering and rapid prototyping processes and seeing how the 3-D printer operates. Then,
they work in teams to design their own battery-operated car, using the 3-D printer to make
parts to construct their vehicle. Finally, they see the results of their work on race day.

Written by an engineer, this classroom activity was developed to address several Next
Generation Science Standards, specifically the Grades 6-9 Engineering Design performance
expectations. Aside from helping instructors meet standards, the activity helps students
experience real-world conditions such as peer review and working within a budget.

Includes a DVD, teacher’s guide, 5 Competition Catalogs, and drill assemblies for cleaning
axle holes. Requires an Afinia H-Series 3-D Printer, sold separately.

We also have a class pack available, containing all the supplies needed for the projects included.

Contact Us for more information!

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