zSpace Medical Solution

zSpace Medical Solution The zSpace Medical solution delivers a new immersive learning platform for medical training. The package combines the high definition virtual experience and interactive engagement possible in a zSpace system with rich detail and medical accuracy. [two_third] [/two_third] [one_third_last] [quote] The Ultimate Immersive Learning Experience for Medical Instruction [/quote] [button_medium color=”dark” url=”https://des.com/prototype/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/zSpace_MedicalBrochure_0916DES2.pdf”] Download … Continued

Ascend Learning CTE – NEW Health & Medical Science Partner

DES is proud to announce a new partnership with Ascend Learning (www.ascendlearningcte.com). Ascend Learning brings together assets from across the Ascend Learning family of companies to develop complete programs that give schools access to industry recognized certifications, high quality supporting resources for teachers and students, and opportunities for job exploration. The Ascend Family contains brands … Continued

North Stafford High School Biomedical Lab

[one_half] PROJECT: PLTW Biomedical Laboratory SCHOOL: North Stafford High School LOCATION: Stafford County, Virginia CONTRACTOR: Direct with Owner ARCHITECT: DES Inc. (for laboratory design only) PARTNER: Stafford County Public Schools DATE OF INSTALLATION: July 2010 SUMMARY: In collaboration with North Stafford High School and Stafford County Public Schools, DES designed and renovated a teacher workroom … Continued