Techno CNC

Since 1986, Techno has been solving the toughest manufacturing challenges helping sign makers, woodworkers and general fabricators with their production needs. Their CNC equipment is designed to route, carve, drill, and engrave in wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and other materials for a wide range of applications. Techno meets the needs of all production shops with a full line of equipment for all size companies and budgets, including CNC material handling systems, vacuum pumps and accessories to complete your system. DES is proud to represent one of the top CNC manufactures in the U.S.A.
HD Series CNC Router The HD CNC Router is a proven workhorse with features such as all steel construction, precision linear rails and bearings, helical rack and pinion on the X and Y, and a ball screw on the Z axis. This CNC router includes brushless microstepper motors and controls with a very easy-to-use hand-held controller.
HD Mini CNC Router The HD Mini is a heavy-duty CNC router machine that is an affordable CNC work platform. Ideal for any size shop requiring a compact machine to run small routing jobs or to be used as an educational tool. The HD Mini features ball screw drives on all three axes and is controlled using a Techno easy-to-use hand-held micro stepper controller.
HD II Tabletop CNC Router The core of the HD-II Tabletop CNC Router machine is the easy Hand-held Micro Stepper Controller. The hand-held controller is so simple to understand that setup, installation and training is taught through our self-trained, step by step manuals.
BT1212 Benchtop CNC Router The BT1212 is a tabletop CNC Router powered by a brushless micro stepper motor control system. It is operated with an easy to use hand held controller and is compatible with industry standard G and M codes.
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