The Alliance for Digital Fabrication Education was formed in an effort to create equality in learning opportunities for young people and promote the development of critical thinking and design entrepreneurship with the use of digital fabrication tools. AdfabEd works directly with educators and their students to bring these advanced manufacturing tools and systems to a provide a platform for the exploration of the individual potential in all students. Their first large-scale project was the design and implementation of an innovative learning tool called the MobilemakerEd Cart which allows any space to become a meaningful learning environment for STEM and Maker Education. DES is proud to represent this 501c3 not-for-profit organization that helps lead the effort to bring under-recognized students a captivating outlook on the future with Maker Education.
Mobilemaker:ED The Cart is a compact maker lab on wheels, about the size of school laptop cart, with advanced digital fabrication equipment, a supply of making tools, and physical computing parts. The Cart enables project-based learning with the following on-board tools; Laser Cutter, 3-D Printer, 3-Axis CNC Milling machine, Vinyl Sign-cutter, PC Laptop, Corless tool set with; jig saw, drill, multi-tool, Soldering Station, Arduino Microcontrollers, Various Physical Computing Parts, Sewing Kit, Small Hand-Tool Set, and more.
Website: Address: Physical: Nonprofit Organization in Brooklyn, New York Contact Toll-Free: Support Email