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P.A.Hilton Ltd is a recognised market leader within the undergraduate Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Combustion, Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer disciplines. The company continues to expand its catalogue to include Compressible Flow, Aerodynamics, Renewable Energy, Engine Test, Computerised Data Acquisition as well as a complete range of Vocational Refrigeration Training Equipment. This U.K. based company has been providing training solutions for almost 50 years. Click on their logo below to visit their website.
Airflow Airflow & Aerodynamics Hilton Airflow trainers enable students to safely investigate fundamentals of airflow and simple aerodynamic experimental procedures.
Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Heat Transfer trainers teach all the fundamental principles of heat transfer and therodynamics.
HVAC HVAC The Hilton range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment has been a market leader from their inception over 40 years ago right through to current newly developed units.
Magnus Magnus The MAGNUS Universal Testing Frame enables clear and comprehensive learning of stress, strain, deflections and forces within full size structures such as roof truss, concrete beams and wooden structures.
renewable Renewable Energy Renewable Energy utilizing wind, solar and tidal power has combined with thermodynamics and combustion to become possibly the most important subjects for scientific study
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